After by Claire Tristram

After is the story of an intense affair that takes place over a day and a night. It has been a year since the woman's husband was murdered by Islamic extremists. Now she decides to take a lover, a Muslim man. Telling their story from both points of view, Claire Tristram describes their passion and their tenderness, their shifting desires and hesitations, and the unexpected escalation of their lovemaking into terrifying violence.

"Performing the difficult task of making an obsessive love meaningful to someone standing outside it...A dark comedy of sexual gamesmanship."-New York Times Book Review

"A balanced, taut narrative...truly chilling suspense." -Entertainment Weekly

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buy After from Powell's City of BooksMy name is not spelled "Claire Tristam" but so many book reviewers have now spelled it that way that I am adding this note here, in the hope that stray readers in search of more information about the book will find it.

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